CIO South Africa connects IT executives and professionals, boosting their knowledge, networks and careers through down-to-earth engagement, world-class events and engaging original content. 

The CIO South Africa community is supported by partner organisations that share our vision. They benefit from the unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with decision makers on a neutral platform. Through everything we do, we aim to positively influence individuals’ lives and careers, inspire organisations and contribute to a better South Africa.

How do I get involved if...

  • ...I am a CIO
    All CIOs in South Africa are actively invited to our face-to-face events and online CIO SA Community Conversations.

    As a CIO, you will also receive invitations to exclusive dinners and we may approach you to share your insights with the wider IT community through webinars, podcasts or an interview on CIO-SA.co.za.
  • ...I am an IT professional
    All IT professionals are invited to sign up for the popular weekly CIO-SA.co.za newsletter, full of interviews, insights and information about upcoming events. 

    As a subscriber, you will also be the first to find out about all initiatives of the IT Indaba Network, including a conference & expo, a spectacular online event and webinars, with much more in store in the future.

  • ...I offer a service or solution to CIOs and IT teams
    Does your business want to improve its profile and network with IT leaders in South Africa? Are you a critical business partner to CIOs and IT directors? Using CIO South Africa events and media platforms, your business can open new business channels and help establish your brand foremost in the minds of IT decision makers. Contact Joel Roerig ([email protected]) today to find out more.


Contact the CIO South Africa team

Office address: 1 Wedgewood Link, Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2191


At CIO South Africa, we are extreme about the pursuit of honesty, kindness, fun and finding solutions with a ‘can do’ attitude. We bring our whole selves to work, create a safe space for a diversity of minds and strive to discover and develop the unique talents of every individual. We love and aspire to do new things, realising that this means we’ll make mistakes – which we’ll fix and learn from together. We work hard, have each other’s backs and aspire to be the world’s best listeners – to our communities, our partners and each other.


CIO South Africa’s parent company CFO Enterprises SA was founded in 2011 by the late Alex van Groningen, an indomitable entrepreneur and maverick business builder. The purpose and the culture of the organisation are grounded in his relentless love for South Africa, his enthusiasm for communities and his keen eye for creating value for corporate partners.