Press release: Volkswagen accelerates transformation with boost from Software AG


Setting a course for the future: Volkswagen will now be relying even more on technology from Software AG for internal transformation processes.

Volkswagen AG is in the middle of a dramatic transformation to a tech company. The Wolfsburg-based auto manufacturer is aiming to become a one-stop shop for everything from vehicles and software to a wide range of services, digital included. To achieve this, it is essential for the company to have optimal processes that can be modified at any time to fit the dynamic market environment.

Implementing ARIS allows Volkswagen AG to make the entire organization’s processes transparent, evaluate them, and configure them across departments and companies, thereby further accelerating the transformation. Not only does ARIS map processes, but it also shows the relationships and correlations between a wide range of processes, helping organizations improve their operational efficiency. Volkswagen’s various subsidiaries and departments will be able to benefit even more from synergies with common core processes that can be analyzed in real time.

The company is a strategic client of Software AG with a successful business relationship that has lasted for more than 20 years. Volkswagen had been implementing the software in a few select departments with a variety of applications in use in parallel. As of the beginning of this year, they have switched to the subscription model. “ARIS is the standard for business process management throughout Volkswagen; as a process-oriented enterprise management system, it plays a central role in the transformation. Switching to a subscription model has given us a licensing model that meets our needs exactly, so that we will be able to plan processes even more efficiently across brands,” says Katharina Peterwerth, Head of Group Organizational Development at Volkswagen AG.

With its multitude of brands, companies, and departments, and more than 670,000 employees, Volkswagen AG particularly benefits from the powerful variant management ARIS offers, which allows the software to be customized as needed, even down to the user interface. This capability makes ARIS particularly attractive in a corporate environment. Its AI brings together all the relevant information for analysis and modeling in the background. ARIS also provides exceptionally innovative technologies such as process mining.

“Processes are the way to operational efficiency. We are pleased and proud to be able to offer the Volkswagen Group a solution that combines top performance with maximum flexibility,” declares Thomas Alberti, chairman of the board of management at SAG Deutschland GmbH (a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG) and senior vice president of sales Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Software AG professional services department is working with Volkswagen to develop a rollout strategy for ARIS. Volkswagen will use its own teams to provide support to ARIS users within the company.