Cobus Rossouw


Job Title: Executive Vice President: Digital & Information Technology

Company: Imperial Logistics


Cobus Rossouw was appointed Executive VP: Digital & IT at Imperial Logistics in September 2020. Prior to this he was chief strategy officer for four years. He is an acclaimed industrial engineer and supply chain professional with corporate leadership, entrepreneurial and professional advisory experience in consumer and industrial markets across sub-Saharan Africa. Cobus focuses on growth, transformation and business improvement. He has sat on a number of boards and has more than twenty five years of professional experience.  He has worked for companies like Cadbury South Africa and Volition Consulting. He has a Bachelor of Engineering Honours and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours from the University of Pretoria.

2020 - Present     Executive VP: Digital & IT, Imperial Logistics
2020 - Present     Group Chief Digital Officer, Imperial Logistics
2016 - 2020          Chief Strategy Officer, Imperial Logistics
2014 - 2017          Chief Business Development Officer, Imperial Logistics
2013 - 2019          Non-Executive Director, Resolve Solutions Partners
2013 - 2016          Board Member, Consumer Goods Council of SA
2011 - 2014          Chief Integration Officer, Imperial Logistics
2009 - 2011          Divisional CEO, Imperial Logistics
2009 - 2015          Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Imperial Air Cargo
2009 - 2013          Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Imperia logistics
2005 - 2017          Director and Chairman / President of EXCO, SAPICS
2009 - 2013          Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Volition Consulting Services
2003 - 2009          Managing Director, Volition Consulting Services
2009 - 2013          Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Paltrack
2003 - 2013          Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, e-Logics
2009 - 2013          Non-Executive Director, Pragma Holdings Pty Ltd
2001 - 2005          Managing Director - IQ Commerce, IQ Business Group
1996 - 2001          Logistics Director, Cadbury SA
1991 - 1996          Industrial Engineer, Louis Heyl and Associates

1987 - 1992          B.Eng. Hons. Industrial (Cum Laude) and B.Com Hons. Supply Chain                Management, University of Pretoria

About Imperial Logistics: Imperial Logistics is a mainly African and European logistics provider of outsourced integrated value-add logistics, supply chain management and route-to-market solutions - customised to ensure the relevance and competitiveness of their clients. With established capabilities in transportation, warehousing, distribution and synchronisation management and expanding capabilities in international freight management, the business operates in specific industry verticals - consumer packaged goods, specialised manufacturing and mining, chemicals and energy, healthcare, automotive, machinery and equipment and agriculture.  


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