Wayne Lester Yan


Job Title: Chief Technology Officer

Company: Dariel Software


Wayne Yan has been programming since 1982 and still does so on occasion. However, he is now more interested in large-scale technical architecture, as well as the practical supporting processes and governance that enable enterprises to mature into better organizations. In terms of methodologies, Wayne prefers "lean" to the popularist viewpoints advanced by "scrum," viewing "scrum" as merely a subset of "lean agile." He is not a fan of Enterprise Architecture, which sits in ivory towers, abstract, distant, and disconnected from real complexity, imposing meaningless compliance on people below. He believes that Enterprise Architecture must develop a more practical and involved relationship with the executors.

2018 - Present Chief Technology Officer, Dariel
2015 - Present Consultant Architect, Dariel
2001 - 2015 Software Architect, Dariel
1994 - 1995 Software Developer, Northern Medical Aid

1989 - 1991 BSc, Computer Science, University of the Witwatersrand

About Dariel Software: Dariel is a proudly South African software company focused on creating world-class bespoke software architecture, using the latest cutting edge technology. For over 16 years, Dariel has employed exceptionally skilled individuals who have a passion for technology and problem solving. The wealth of knowledge and expertise we encompass, has resulted in successfully solving our client's specific needs and challenges, which in turn has led to our distinguished reputation in the market.

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