Afrimat’s Johan du Plessis secures a nomination for the 2024 CIO Awards


Johan will compete with other IT leaders for an award in November.

Johan du Plessis, the GM for technology systems: technology cluster at Afrimat, has been nominated for the 2024 CIO Awards. The artisan turned IT executive began his working career in the manufacturing industry as a millwright with ArcelorMittal South Africa (formerly Iscor) in the 1980s.

Before joining, Johan held positions such as IT manager at Ceres Fruit Growers and group IT manager at Ceres Group. At Afrimat, Johan is responsible for IT and engineering as GM for technology systems.

Johan holds a national diploma in electromechanical: heavy current, process control from Technical College Pretoria West and a bachelor’s degree, management information systems from the University of South Africa. He also holds a certificate in disruptive strategies from Unisa and financial accounting from Harvard Business School.

Johan is in the running for an award on 12 November, an evening that will celebrate IT excellence, and which has been dubbed the “Oscars of IT”.

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