Dominic Richardson takes the reins as CEO at Dax Data and Dolos


His appointment is intended to ensure both companies’ continuity and growth.

Dominic Richardson, former chief marketing officer of Dax Data, Africa’s largest Adobe digital media distributor, and Dolos, a leading specialist cybersecurity distributor, has been appointed as the companies’ new CEO. He was appointed after Jeremy Matthews, a former CEO and IT industry veteran, passed away in September after a brief illness.

“One of Jeremy’s many talents was his ability to nurture people. He has presided over the growth of a very talented, committed and capable team,” says Dominic. “While we are enormously saddened by his sudden passing, I’m honoured to take on the role and our team is steadfastly committed to continuing his legacy and delivering on our promises of service and security excellence.”

Dominic has spent the last 12 years developing his leadership skills at Dax Data and Dolos. He has helped shape the companies’ strategy and marketing, as well as providing advice on systems, processes, and integration.

Dominic has a master of business administration (MBA) in executive leadership from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He also recently received a certification from MIT in artificial intelligence: implications for business strategy. He has extensive work experience in a variety of industries, as well as a thorough understanding of B2B distribution, digital media, and IT security.

“Dominic is taking the reins after working closely with Jeremy for over a decade. I’m confident that his leadership skills and keen grasp of our products, services and market will ensure continuity and growth for both companies,” says Gwyneth Matthews, director at Dax Data and Dolos.

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