Investec’s Shabhana Thaver secures a nomination for the 2023 CIO Awards


She’s passionate about her people and now they’ve backed her with a nomination.

Shabhana Thaver, CIO at Investec Specialist Bank South Africa, has been nominated for the CIO Awards. With a background as a software developer, Shabhana’s passion lies in technology, making her a true technologist at heart. However, what truly drives her is the success of those around her.

As an IT leader, she finds her energy and motivation in witnessing the achievements of her team. This deep-rooted passion for people aligns with her strong belief in the importance of fostering a positive organisational culture.

Earlier this year, Shabhana was invited to speak at the CIO South Africa Summit, where she addressed the topic of IT leaders spearheading transformative change. During her talk, she emphasised that culture should be viewed as an integral part of a belief system within a company. By sharing practical insights, she demonstrated how organisations can cultivate a culture that embraces and drives change.

“At Investec, culture is ingrained in our identity. However, I aim to demystify the concept of culture. It essentially encompasses our shared beliefs, behaviours, attitudes, and values,” Shabhana explained.

Shabhana’s passion for technology and computer science ignited when she was introduced to them during her high school years. She pursued her academic interests by obtaining a bachelor’s degree (with honours) in computer science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in business leadership (MBL) from Unisa and has further expanded her expertise through participation in Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education professional development programme in organisational leadership.

The CIO Awards, dubbed the “Oscars of IT”, will be held on 15 November at The Polo Room in the Inanda Club, Johannesburg. This prestigious black tie event will honour exceptional individuals in the field of information technology.

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