Argility Technology Group appoints Marko Salic as new CTO


Marko has concurrently been appointed as CDO for Smollan data and technology cluster.

Argility Technology Group (ATG) has announced the appointment of Marko Salic as its new CTO, and chief data officer (CDO) for the Smollan data and technology cluster: both appointments are with immediate effect. Smollan acquired ATG from Capital Eye Investments in 2022. Tanya Long has also been appointment as ATG's new CEO, and succeeds Marko.

Marko will retain his existing data science portfolio and will continue to oversee the appropriate teams as he assumes his new positions.

“Marko will also continue to drive and evolve the Google partnership and will also assume responsibility for the senior data engineers within the DataOrbis South Africa team. His primary focus will be to serve as Smollan data and technology CDO and to lead the development of our data/AI strategy, thereby evolving our data science and advanced analytics offerings across the cluster,” says says James Collett, Smollan’s chief executive: data and technology.

“He is an innovator, a passionate technologist, as well as a respected leader with a strong followership. Marko has led ATG into a new era. His leadership, augmented by his technical expertise, has been at the forefront of the evolution of Argility into a group of five software businesses focusing on software and data analytics solutions for retailers and brands. More recently, Marko has driven the integration of ATG into the Smollan tech and data cluster, matching ATGs technical expertise with the Smollan retail and data powerhouse to create a new phase for all involved in the disruption of the retail landscape,” James adds.

Tanya, on the other hand, is a highly experienced technology executive, and previously served as COO of ATG and has been with the company for 35 years now. In the past seven years, she has served as COO and HR executive working alongside Marko to build and execute ATG’s vision for the group.

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