Business improvement with purpose, clarity and speed: Part Two


True leadership comes at a cost, and is essential on every level of the organisation.

Are you ready to unleash the tremendous potential inherent to your business?

In Part Two of the business improvement series I will be interrogating leadership, and unpacking the drivers of exceptional leadership, which requires having a compelling vision.

There are three pillars required to truly lead:

1. Good leaders say what they do and do what they say:
Be absolutely clear on what is needed, and know where you want to end. A journey without a destination is just that, a journey. Begin with the end in mind. It is okay if you don’t know the way: few do. It is not okay if you don’t know your destination. If you don’t know your destination you have a big problem: you will not get there.

Share what you do, and also why. Not with one or two, but with everyone that cares to listen. Some will help you get there – you want them to come with you. Some will oppose you – they will drop out of the race and forfeit the adventure.

Sharing what you do has another benefit, even if people oppose you. Listen to the pessimists and complainers, because you can learn from them. They often see things you don’t; be open minded on the journey, but unwavering on the destination. If you made a commitment, keep it.

2. Good leaders are flexible:
The only thing that does not change is the fact that things change. You will hit obstacles along the way. If you are flexible, you will change course and find your way around them, over them or through them.

3. Good leaders are resilient, consistent and patient:
The mindset of a true pioneer, a leader that men can look up to is this: If there is no road, pave one, if there is no bridge, build one, if there is no answer, find one! This is the mindset required if you want to improve your business in a measurable and sustainable way.

If you fail, try again. If you fail again, try again, and again, until you succeed.

That is what you do, but remember! You can only do so if you know your destination. Your vision will carry you, so be resilient, consistent and above all, patient!

To be a truly effective leader, one should foster an environment where everyone is comfortable in his or her role, and get the definitions right, which will be discussed in Part 3.

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Shashika John is Grindrod’s new CIO

As the company continues to grow and innovate, Grindrod believes that Shashika’s expertise in customer solutions, enterprise programme management and process improvement will be invaluable.