Entelect to present IT Project of the Year Award


Entelect runs over 250 concurrent projects, so they know how hard it is to deliver a project, and the importance of celebrating when you get it right, says Entelect’s CCO Daniel Manyemwe.

CIO South Africa’s newest Principal Partner, Entelect, will hand out the IT Project of Year Award at the inaugural 2023 CIO Awards. This award celebrates a CIO who has spearheaded a successful IT project that has made a significant impact on their organisation.

The project should have demonstrated excellence in planning, execution, and delivery, and should have achieved measurable results that have contributed to the success of the organisation. Entelect are project delivery specialists, which made it a no-brainer to throw their support behind this award.

“Projects that meet budget and time constraints while adding real business value should be celebrated,” says Daniel Manyemwe, chief customer officer at Entelect. “We work with highly talented leaders and project teams. This gives us a platform to recognise their hard work and commitment to excellence.”

According to Daniel, IT projects are incorrectly synonymous with non-delivery and budget overruns and Enetelect is committed to changing this perception by relentlessly pursuing maximum business value for minimum effort, which is why this award aligns with Entelect’s own values and objectives.

“One of our core values is ‘Get things done’. The successful delivery of a complex enterprise project embodies this, as it requires hundreds of people to work together in common cause,” he adds.

The IT project of the Year award not only plays an important role in celebrating the achievements of CIOs and their teams and motivating them to continue delivering excellence. In addition, Daniel says, the IT projects CIOs deal with today are both large and time-sensitive, and more often than not, the successful completion of a project is often lost in the frantic planning of the next five projects. “Taking the time to stop and appreciate the efforts of the team gives a sense of accomplishment and revitalises everyone for the next one,” he advises.

Just being among those nominated in this category already makes you winners in Daniel’s eyes. He shares some words of encouragement with IT leaders who strive for excellence in their next IT project.

“Leaders need to be comfortable with challenging the status quo – our industry evolves too rapidly to lean on antiquated norms. Excellence in projects is only possible when all stakeholders buy into industry best practices, continuous improvement, and rejection of mediocrity,” Daniel concludes.

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