EOH backs CIO of the Year Award


Who will be named the CIO of the Year? No other partner is more eager to find out than EOH – they’ll be handing out this award on 15 November.

The CIO of the Year Award recognises an IT leader who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation, contributing to the success of their organisation over a number of years. However, Ziaad Suleman, chief commercial officer (CCO) at EOH, notes how the role of the CIO has also evolved over the years and continues to evolve with time.

“The role has become more dynamic,” he says. “Traditionally seen as primarily responsible for IT operations, CIOs now play a broader and more strategic role in organisations. They are expected to drive digital transformation, align technology with business goals, and lead innovation.”

He says that CIOs who haven’t embraced or adapted to these changes will face certain consequences, such as reduced relevance, missed opportunities for growth, a potential disconnect between technology, and their organisation’s strategic objectives.

“To thrive in the modern business landscape,” Ziaad says. “CIOs must continually adapt, embrace new technologies, and align their strategies with the evolving needs of their organisations.”

The recipient of this award should be a business partner with a proven track record of implementing effective IT strategies and delivering measurable results. The CIO of the Year is leading by example and has outperformed all others based on skills, attitude and results.

“EOH’s decision to sponsor the CIO community, including the CIO of the Year Award, stems from our deep commitment to support and recognise the exceptional contribution of chief information officers (CIOs) in the field of IT and business leadership,” says Ziaad. “We believe that CIOs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of organisations, and by sponsoring this award, we applaud them, celebrate their achievements, and encourage technological innovation.”

According to Ziaad, there are certain qualities that an IT leader should meet to be considered or earn the title of CIO of the Year.

“Chief among those is visionary leadership, followed by a track record of driving innovation and technology adoption, effective problem-solving skills, strong collaboration and communication abilities, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the use of technology in positively impacting their organisation’s overall success,” he explains.

“Equally important is the CIO’s adaptability, agility, and forward-thinking mindset, as they navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape in their business and beyond. CIOs need to have an agile mindset to test things in a fast-moving digital economy and to fail fast, and fail forward,” Ziaad concludes.

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