Just a day to go before the biggest night in IT, where Accenture will present the High-Performance Team Award


Accenture’s Jeniffer Ramnath explains that the award resonates deeply with the company’s core value of stewardship.

Accenture will join CIO South Africa’s trusted partners on stage at the 2023 CIO Awards to hand out the High-Performance Team Award on 15 November. This award recognises a CIO who has built and led a high-performing IT team that has made a significant contribution to their organisation’s success, which ties well with Accenture’s core value of stewardship.

“This Accenture core value includes building generationally by developing people, improving communities and impacting the global environment,” says Jeniffer Ramnath, managing director: technology strategy and advisory at Accenture South Africa. “With the recipient of this award demonstrating a culture of excellence and the ability to foster collaboration and innovation in the context of a team, we are not only proud to endorse this recognition, but are exultant that this calibre of leadership is present in our local economy.”

Recognising an individual who has successfully led a high-performing IT team influences both the IT sector and the broader business landscape, but what is the ripple effect?

“Acknowledging and rewarding outstanding IT leaders emphasises the critical role that IT teams play in leveraging innovative technologies to solve business challenges and achieve the best strategic results,” Jennifer adds.

Accenture’s message to CIOs and IT professionals who aspire to attract and retain top talent is to develop a new standard of leadership that bonds, educates, and inspires others with care, kindness and connection – it goes a long way in cultivating a culture of excellence within their teams.

“In addition, thrive within your teams by embracing your most compassionate self to drive performance through empowerment. Be deliberate about acting as an individual and as a collective, to reflect and increase self-care and sense of belonging,” Jennifer concludes.

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