Makwa IT to present the Young CIO of the Year Award at the Oscars of IT


Malose Mabusela says there are parallels between the experience of a young CIO and the founding members of Makwa IT, which is why they decided to support this award.

CIO South Africa principal partner Makwa IT will be backing the Young CIO of the Year award at the inaugural CIO Awards on 15 November. This award is presented to a young CIO (40 years or younger) who has shown exceptional leadership, innovation, and vision in their role. The recipient should have made significant contributions to their organisation, driving digital transformation, and creating value through the use of technology.

Malose Mabusela, head of demand generation at Makwa IT, points out the striking similarities between the journey of a young CIO and the path forged by Makwa IT’s founders, underpinning the company’s commitment to this award category.

“As a business founded by the youth, we are passionate about supporting young, results-driven, and ambitious CIOs, recognising the challenges they have overcome to attain their current positions,” says Malose.

But the motivation extends beyond age, delving into the defining traits that set a young CIO apart. Malose identifies attributes such as innovative leadership, a results-oriented mindset, a strategic vision, and adaptability as key qualities that come to mind.

Furthermore, Malose emphasises that effective leadership is not merely about securing a seat at the table but also making the most of that opportunity. “Earning a place at the executive table as a young chief information officer is a significant career milestone,” he observes.

For young CIOs aspiring to reach this pinnacle and for those already there, he offers strategic guidance and advice: “understanding the business, honing soft skills, cultivating relationships, fostering effective collaboration, demonstrating tangible results, and leading with a clear vision”.

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