SARS appoints Warren Hero to lead architecture design segment product


The 2023 CIO Awards winner will be responsible for designing the South African Revenue Services’ business model for antifragile digital transformation.

Warren Hero, the former chief information officer at Webber Wentzel and High-Performance Team Award recipient at the inaugural CIO Awards, has been appointed as architecture design segment product lead at the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

According to Warren, his new role as architecture design segment product at SARS aims to holistically transform the way customers are served, thus making it the equivalent to a chief digital officer role.

“Thuma Mina (send me),” he says. Those were the words that best explain Warren’s motivation for the move to SARS: a call to action for himself and an “opportunity to contribute to the SARS strategic intent to serve all South Africans and to enable government service delivery,” he explains.

Warren says that he is looking forward to improving South Africa’s efficiency to respond to a disrupted context with digital optimisation and transformation at SARS, among his other ambitious plans for the revenue collector.

“Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche talks about having courage in the face of reality,” says Warren. “With the challenges and opportunities in South Africa, I think of having courage in the face of opportunities! I hope that I can facilitate my team’s excitement around our opportunities.

“In addition, Austrian-American management consultant Peter Drucker talks about ‘not’ making decisions in a disrupted context based on yesterday’s logic – I hope to be provocative so that we can reimagine tomorrow’s logic,” he concludes.

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