Business improvement with purpose, clarity and speed: Part Three


The world is more inter-connected than ever. It is absolutely essential to know where you fit in.

Are you ready to do what nobody in the organisation can do better than you?

In Part Three of this series, I will deconstruct definitions – they bring clarity and a vivid grasp of the mandate, mission, and your role in it is vitally necessary if you want to achieve major company progress.

There are three pillars required to play your position:

1. Business is a team sport:
But it’s like Formula One racing, not rugby, soccer or cricket. When the car pulls into the pitstop, things must happen quickly. Precious time is lost if team members look at each other and have to decide who is going to change tyres and who is going to refuel. This does not happen in Formula One, and yet it happens every single day in businesses all over the world.

Finance measures and reports on our performance. HR recruits, motivates and trains. IT speeds things up. All these are aimed at helping the producers do what they do best, manufacture, sell or service, whatever it is your business does.

2. Know your role
Finance ensures that every initiative makes commercial sense.

HR ensures that you have the very best people, that you compensate them fairly, that you train and develop them. Your people are the heart of your business.

IT is everywhere, but its key feature as an enabler is its ability to connect people and information. More than anything else, the ability to connect, to know, and to understand enables measurable and sustainable business improvement.

3. We achieve more together:
Nobody has the potential to break down the barriers between the enablers and the producers like IT. Instant communication and instant information ensure that the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved.

Ability without purpose means nothing, but I'll expand on that notion in Part Four of the business improvement series.

Click on Part One and Part Two to read about the business improvement strategies, and the three key pillars that were highlighted earlier on in the series.

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