PayFast and PayGate appoint new MD


Brendon Williamson is considered a payments and e-commerce industry veteran.

PayFast, a leading online payment processing solution and PayGate, a leading African payment service provider (PSP), both subsidiaries of Network International-owned DPO Group in South Africa, have named Brendon Williamson as their new managing director.

Brendon, according to the companies, has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and the control of online fraud. He is a seasoned professional in the payments and e-commerce sectors, and has held various positions at DPO Group, which owns PayFast and PayGate, including chief sales officer, chief marketing officer, and head of commercial.

Brendon’s objective is to continue offering customers cutting-edge payment solutions and new chances for growth, with a focus on advancing digitalisation both internally and internationally.

“A big focus of mine will be the people element of the business. I want to ensure that this continues to be an exciting place to work, a space for innovation and creativity, where people want to come to the office to share ideas and strategies. That’s how we remain at the forefront of the e-commerce industry and drive its next iteration,” he says.

Brendon is enthusiastic about the prospect of extending PayFast and PayGate's capabilities and products, which will be advantageous to both merchants and their clients.

“With access to the support and resources of the DPO Group and Network International, we can ensure that local e-commerce remains on par with international trends and developments. Beyond that, we’re busy with some exciting projects, aimed at disrupting the payments industry and making online transactions even more seamless for businesses and consumers,” he concludes

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