RedCloud appoints Sameer Jooma as GM for South Africa


Sameer will be in charge of accelerating the adoption of Red101 – the world’s first open commerce platform.

RedCloud Technology, a global technology firm headquartered in the U.K, has named Sameer Jooma as its new general manager for South Africa.

Sameer, who has extensive experience in ecosystem development, will be in charge of accelerating the adoption of Red101, the world’s first open commerce platform, and driving growth in the southern Africa region.

Sameer, an experienced innovation and analytics executive with a deep understanding of technology, has worked with some of Africa’s biggest names in consumer packaged goods, finance, and technology, and sits on the boards of some of the region’s fastest growing startups.

He joins RedCloud as general manager for South Africa, where he will be responsible for expanding the reach of RedCloud’s open commerce platform, which is enabling business growth for the next billion retailers in emerging markets.

Sameer is also passionate about increasing financial inclusion and developing technology ecosystems that enable growth. He also commented on the new and exciting role.

“I was excited to hear about RedCloud’s mission of building an open, equal-access platform that allows everyone, even the smallest retailer, access to all the tools they need to build, manage and connect their businesses,” he says. “I am confident that open commerce is the key to driving sustainable growth for the millions of retailers and small businesses across Africa that are struggling to survive under the current inefficient, offline and often fragmented trading model.”

“Sameer is an expert at bringing innovation to life and driving impact with technology at scale. We are excited to work with one of the most knowledgeable experts in South Africa, who has extensive experience working at the highest levels in the consumer packaged goods, finance and technology industries. With Sameer, we are confident that our goal of unlocking growth for the next billion retailers will become a reality in South Africa and beyond,” Soumaya Hamzaoui, RedCloud’s COO, commented on the appointment.

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